Why do hygienists perform Root Planing?

What Does A Root Planing Procedure Entail?

The stage and existing state of the teeth and gums will determine how complex a thorough cleaning will be and how long it will take to heal. Deep cleaning is usually done one-half of the mouth at a time, and it takes approximately a day or two for the mouth to recover.

We will numb the regions of your gums where we will be operating so you will not feel any discomfort during the operation. Then, using a tool, we'll remove any tartar build-up on tooth roots below the gum line and smooth down the tooth root so the gum tissues may begin to reattach themselves. Our practice employs an ultrasonic instrument that ensures the most efficient and pleasant thorough cleaning possible, which not many dentist offices provide. In addition, you may be prescribed medication after your root planing surgery to reduce discomfort after the operation, prevent infections, and improve healing.

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