Oral Exam and Teeth Cleaning San Jose

Oral Exam and Teeth Cleaning, San Jose

New patients have a thorough examination that includes tests for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, blood pressure, and systemic illnesses. Additionally, established patients receive a routine oral exam to evaluate any changes in their dental and health status since their last appointment.

Using a precision guage, your gum tissue is calibrated in millimeter pocket depth between the tooth and the connective gum tissue around the tooth. Pocket depths of more than 4 millimeters may suggest infection or illness. The deeper the pocket, the more plaque bacteria accumulate, and gum disease infection develops.

As needed, X-rays are obtained.

Scaling and root planing are performed as needed.

Professional polishing (Prophy) is also part of routine cleanings, eliminating the soft, sticky plaque above the gum line.

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