Over Dentures

Over Denture

An over denture fits on top of natural teeth or dental implants. Many individuals have dentures that don't fit properly or fall out while they speak or eat. Making a dental plate that covers and attaches to anything underneath the tooth might be a solution to this issue. Keep a few of your natural teeth in place, or have dental implants placed in your jawbone under your denture. After teeth are removed, there is a normal process of bone loss in the jaw occurs. Natural teeth are not covered by traditional over dentures. One or both cuspids can be covered and attached to with a denture. A denture supported by dental implants can be placed on top of the implants. Special attachments are introduced into the denture so that it may latch onto the retention devices that are placed on the implants. Mini implant dentures are gaining in popularity as a novel technique—titanium screws into the jawbone to form tiny implants, which are thin and lengthy. In many cases, existing dentures may be repurposed to fit over the implanted prosthetics.

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